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The Paperless Lab Academy is the ideal learning platform, for those considering consolidating, integrating and simplifying laboratory data management systems. The PLA is recognized by Gartner as one of the better European Lab Automation events!
Mark your calender  4 and 5 April, 2017 and join us to celebrate our next year's 5 year anniversary of the Paperless Lab Academy! Our new website will be available in November!
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Data integrity is currently one of the highest cited areas in regulatory observations. This publication will highlight the ways how data integrity can be reduced in laboratory operations.
Data-intensive science is becoming mainstream in our daily laboratory operations. Are we ready to think in a Data lifecycle mind-set?
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Why can we connect almost any smartphone using bluetooth in our personal lives ourselves to almst any device, and why do we need a professor to transfer simple results in the laboratory to our ELN, LES or LIMS?

CAPA represents an old fashioned mindset and should be replaced by PACA (Preventive first). We have petabytes of untapped high quality (dead) data. A PACA mindset and smart CAPA data mining will result in creating better processes without adding costs!

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