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Gerhard Noelken
Allotrope Framework Drives Innovation in LabInformatics

Name Gerhard Noelken  
Company Allotrope Foundation / Pfizer
Web www.allotrope.org
Job Title Senior Director Technology and Innovation


This presentation will provide an update on the progress of the Allotrope Foundation towards delivering a Framework solution for managing analytical chemistry data throughout its lifecycle. It will include details on the deliverables, timelines, and results not only on the Allotrope Framework delivery but also on the Integration projects happening across many of the Allotrope member companies.

The intelligent analytical laboratory is moving closer to reality; an automated laboratory where data, methods and processes are seamlessly shared between software applications and analytical instruments. 

The Framework leverages emerging standards including: the Allotrope Data Format to store the analytical chemistry results, a set of taxonomies to provide accurate metadata for laboratory systems; and class libraries to provide access to data, metadata, and business objects. 

In the presentation/discussion we will:

  • Discuss why embedding standards addresses the fundamental, root causes of our data challenges, rather than merely treating symptoms of the problem;
  • Provide an update on the progress in the first year of development, which has demonstrated that the core concepts of the Allotrope Framework are technically feasible through the creation and delivery of proof of concept framework components and applications; 
  • Talk about the next phase of development in which Allotrope has moved from concept to reality and is creating tangible capabilities and software that are already delivering the vision of Allotrope Foundation:  finalization of the Allotrope data and metadata format, initial release of APIs (application programming interfaces), and collaborations with the vendor community;
  • Present the plans for deployment and integration of the Framework at member companies via pilot projects in 2016.
CV Gerhard Noelken studied Human Medicine in Mainz (Germany) and worked as a scientist in Toxicology, Pharmacology and Clinical Research before becoming Head of High Throughput Screening for Aventis in Frankfurt. After a sabbatical in Molecular Biology with Biotech Australia he took over responsibility for Aventis R&D Informatics as a Frankfurt Site Head in 1996.

Moving to Pfizer UK in 2001, Gerhard worked as Site Head for Discovery Research Informatics in Sandwich. Since 2007 he works in Pharmaceutical Sciences as the Global Business IT Lead.

Gerhard’s key interest areas are:

  • Integration of informatics systems along the lab work processes in order to increase efficiency
  • Implementation of a consistent Data Architecture as the foundation for collaboration and the scientific reuse of data (e.g. for Prediction and Simulation purposes).