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Jana Erjavec
What do users actually expect from an ELN?
Name Jana Erjavec, PhD

Company BioSistemika
Web www.biosistemika.com
Job Title Product Manager
Applicable products ELN


According to UNESCO, there are around 7M full-time equivalents in R&D, including researchers and support staff. Currently 50% of their time is spent on data/information tasks, which is time-consuming and inefficient. Despite the fact that there are many ELNs (Electronic Laboratory Notebooks) on the market, only 8% of people are actually using it, 20% are actively searching for it while 40 % are thinking to start using one. Based on our study of more than 200 researchers and 30 ELN vendors, done in 2015 which included focus groups, questionnaires, direct meetings, telephone conversations and online data analysis, we have identified 6 core features each ELN should have. Those 6 features and their importance will be presented during the talk.

We will also show similarities and differences between the gender, age, geographical location, job position and others. Hopefully this talk will give you a better understanding of ELN trends and answer some questions you might have when thinking of implementing an ELN for your own work.