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Patrick Pijanowski
Scientific Data Management and the Quest for Strategic Speed

Name Patrick Pijanowski  
Company LabAnswer (USA)
Web www.labanswer.com
Job Title Partner, Pharma & Life Sciences Practice 
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The drive for faster product innovation cycles and the need to adapt to a fast-changing business climate—due to M&A activity, Externalization and Collaboration, and other transformational industry forces—is pushing the traditional approaches to Scientific Systems/Data Management beyond their limits. Science-based organizations around the world are being challenged to reduce the time-to-value for scientific data system deployments and upgrades. They also have a critical need to access holistic and actionable views of their data. As is often the case, industry innovation is being born out of necessity, and creative approaches are emerging. LabAnswer has a unique and deep perspective because we’re actively participating in 300+ scientific data management projects per year, helping clients develop and implement strategies to tackle these urgent challenges.

In this presentation, Mr. Pijanowski will explore a number of emerging trends, techniques, and technologies that organizations around the world are embracing to quicken deployment, speed innovation, and get products to market faster.