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Bob McDowall
Impact of the Cloud on a Regulated Paperless Laboratory
Name Bob McDowall PhD

Company R D McDowall Ltd, UK
Web www.rdmcdowall.com
Job Title Director
Applicable products Consulting Services


IT Departments are under pressure to reduce cost and using the Cloud is one way of achieving this objective. However, what will be the impact if the laboratory operates under one of the GXP regulations? This presentation will explore the benefits and potential regulatory risks of using the Cloud.  What sort of laboratory systems should be hosted?  Do you have enough bandwidth?  How secure are your data? Does the hosting company and its infrastructure operate to principles of GXP?

Biography: Dr Bob McDowall is an analytical chemist with over 40 years experience including 15 years working in the pharmaceutical industry and
23 years as a consultant.  He has written and taught extensively on compliance within analytical laboratories including qualification of instruments and validation of informatics solutions.  He is the recipient of the 1997 LIMS Award, edited the first book on LIMS in 1987 and is the author of Validation of Chromatography Data Systems with the second edition in preparation. He is the author of the Questions of Quality column in LC-GC Europe and Focus on Quality column in Spectroscopy.