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2016 Program booklet
Debrief by Scientific Computing World
 Session details
Pre-workshop regional session - Based on multiple requests from last year’s edition, NL42 will run a complementary pre-congress workshop. The main objective of this workshop is to introduce the key concepts covered during the congress. We´ll go through the whole transformation process to paperless and discuss relevant items like data integration, data integrity and information technology strategies.

download Chairman's Welcoming Address P.J. Boogaard - CEO
Industrial Lab Automation 

download Laboratory Informatics in the Digital Era Michael Shanler - Research Vice President
Gartner Industry Research |  Manufacturing | LifeScience | R&D

download Data Integrity and Data Quality begins on the bench Dr. Holger Linnertz - Head of Software Factory
download Standardization is the way to the Next Gen Lab
Mr. Daniel Juchli - Head Lab & Research IT
Wega Informatik AG
download Data Integrity - integrating it into the CSV life cycle
Kurt In Albon - Associate Director Global Information Quality
 download Scientific Data Management and the Quest for Strategic Speed
Patrick Pijanowski - Partner, Pharma & Life Sciences Practice
 download Experiences in creating an integrated Lab Informatics platform
Matt Harrison - IT Strategy and Portfolio Leader
AstraZeneca - UK
download Wireless instrument integration
Burkhard Schaefer - President
BSSN Software GmbH
download Allotrope Framework Drives Innovation in LabInformatics
Gerhard Noelken - Senior Director Technology and Innovation
Allotrope Foundation - Pfizer
session details FAES 2020: Efficiency in R&D+i
Gonzalo Hernandez - R&D+i Director
FAES Farma
download From 3 letter acronyms, to capabilities, to business value
Paul D Gouldson - VP, Strategic Solutions
download What do users actually expect from an ELN?
Jana Erjavec, PhD - Product Manager
Impact of the Cloud on a Regulated Paperless Laboratory

Bob McDowall PhD - Director
R D McDowall Ltd, UK
download Thinking Out (C)loud: Finding Solutions to Distributed Research
Richard Shute - Consultant   
Curlew Research
download Five Customer Case Studies, Five Approaches to LIMS
Tim Daniels - Marketing Manager
Autoscribe Informatics
download Paperless and Data Integrity: different paths, same goal
Teresa Minero – Founder & CEO LifeBee
VP ISPE Italy Affiliate
download Legacy Systems: Should You Replace or Integrate?
Alec Westley - Technical Solutions Manager
Core Informatics
download Chairman's recap of day 1
Roberto Castelnovo & Isabel Munoz - Founders
download Impurity Lifecycle Management: Visualising a vast array of analytical data
Steven Coombes - Associate Principal Scientist, Solution NMR Spectroscopy
AstraZeneca - UK
download Data protection & data integrity
Sofie van der Meulen - Attorney at law
Axon Lawyers
download Workflow implementation in the laboratory
Steffen Gloth - Product Manager for High Performance Balances and Individual Solutions
download Improving quality management by replacing paper Stephen Pownall - Business Development Manager
download The Last Mile: From Warehouse Distribution to Consumer
Dennis LeTendre, LPQ
ProTech Consulting Services, LLC
download Data Integrity challenges in the Lab and beyond
P.J. Boogaard -
Industrial Lab Automation

download Exploring the FDA’s Approach Quality Assessment
Giuseppe Randazzo – Director Pharmaceutical Program and Regulatory Office

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