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What Does an Open Source ELN Bring to the Table?

Presenter dr. Jana Erjavec PhD
E-mail jerjavec@biosistemika.com
Web BioSistemika.com


Opportunity / Problem statement

Implementation of new ELN system can be long and costly. But most importantly it rarely fits into different types of laboratories within the company or research organization. The compromise often made is implementation of multiple LIMS and ELNs which have limited ability to communicate between each other and the maintenance is tedious and costly. So the real challenge is to make an ELN that is easy-to-use and flexible enough to be compatible with existing software and instruments.

  • A 10 min demonstration of sciNote Open Source ELN
  • Round table discussion on the following topics:
  • Open source – yes or no?
  • Pros and Cons of a modular system.
  • Must-have functionalities.
  • Importance of connectivity with existing systems and instruments
  • Bottlenecks for implementation.