About Us


Industrial Lab Automation, founded by Peter J. Boogaard, provides services to address harmonization, integration and consolidation of business processes in Life Science Development and Manufacturing. We enable cross-functional collaboration between research, development, quality assurance and manufacturing corporations to achieve Quality by Design (QbD) initiatives.

Initial company announcement

First external announcement C2W – 21 May 2011

✓ Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)

✓ Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELN)

✓ Lab Execution Systems (LES)

✓ Scientific Data Management Systems (SDMS)

✓ Quality Event Management Systems (QMS)

✓ Enterprise Content Management (ECM)

✓ LIMS <->Enterprise Resource Planning and CAPA (ERP/QM)

✓ LIMS <->Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES/PAT)

Applications & Services

✓ Change management consultancy

✓ Training services

✓ Project Management

✓ Interim Management

✓ Laboratory QbD consultancy

✓ Lab Automation second opinion services

✓ Vendor selection services

✓ Software pilot consultancy

✓ Validation impact analysis


Peter Boogaard is the founder and CEO of Industrial Lab Automation (ILA) and the founder of the annual Paperless Lab Academy congress. He studied analytical chemistry in Delft (The Netherlands), where he was introduced to computer software during his research on inductively coupled plasma (ICP) technology. This is now a de-facto standard in many analytical analysis methods.

Peter started his international professional career with Perkin-Elmer Corporation. Thanks to his first employer, who understood the importance of the end-user experience, he created many application programs to fulfil the client needs. He has been able to adopt and expand this behavior successfully in senior management functions, with great companies including:

✓ Applied Biosystems

✓ Oracle

✓ Informix

✓ Symyx

✓ Life Technology

✓ LabVantage

Peter has considerable experience of working in pharmaceutical laboratory automation industry, new product and business development and manufacturing across the life sciences industry. He has over 20 years of experience in leading complex, multinational programs. He has published several white papers and contributes in several international industry advisory boards

Known for his “put customer first”-behavior and “can-do” mentality, Industrial Lab Automation is positioned to be a leader in this segment.