Business Processes

What are the 5 core business processes?
The 5 core business processes are product development, sales & marketing, management & finance, quality & product delivery, and technology & accounting. All of these processes need to be accomplished in a perfect manner for them to be deemed successful. For some business processes, they are accomplished in a variety of ways. You can’t blame them for coming up with different methods all the time as there are new methods being invented in recent years due to technology advancement.

What are business systems and processes?
These are the sets of tasks that need to be accomplished in a normal workday at the company. It is all about the head honchos coming together to come up with shortcuts so everything can be done a lot easier. It is possible to brainstorm stuff so that employees won’t have to work super long hours. If they do that, then it will only be a matter of time before they quit their jobs. That won’t be good for the company’s reputation if people keep on resigning. All the processes have a goal in mind and it can be hard to accomplish it at first but it will only be a matter of time before everyone gets used to it. When that happens, everything will be done easier. A good example would be a sales point of the system.

What business processes are successful?
A process considered successful if it accomplished its goal. For example, you have a marketing strategy of having more sales for your product by putting up a billboard at a busy street. Over the next few days, you were able to observe that the number of sales grew to a significant amount. Thus, it can be considered a successful one. Another example would be when the product development team came up with a product that has never been seen before. A lot of people were surprised as to how great it is and the sales of the product is astonishing. Another business process that can be considered successful if done right is the employees doing a great job in what they do because of good management. It is certainly hard to lead a group of individuals as all of them have different attitudes. Also, there can be some people who are pretending to be nice but they are talking about you in a terrible manner behind your back.

What are the key business processes?
One key business process is being able to establish good relationships with customers. In any industry, you know your customers are the bread and butter so having nice long-term relationships with them is important. Another key process is the delivery of the product to the customer. If it was delivered on time and in one piece, then you know it was successful. If it was not on time, then you know the customer will follow up several times until they get the product. They have all the right to do that since they paid for the delivery fee and the product.